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Mission Overview

Our core mission is to collaboratively develop and launch new research and exploration initiatives that bring new technologies to deep sea exploration and that will fill critical gaps in our knowledge of ocean ecosystems and ocean health.

To expand seagoing scientific capacity at a global scale to support these programs, Global Oceans developed the Modular Adaptive Research Vessel (MARV) model for time-chartering offshore service vessels (OSVs) and mobilizing them with modular laboratories, instruments, and deep-sea vehicles for scientific work.

Program development is focused on three core projects: the Global Seamounts Project, the Atmospheric Ocean Observatory, and the Innerspace Deep Sea Science Initiative. More about the Innerspace Initiative will be announced soon.

Ocean Science Research
Deep Sea Ocean Research Exploration
ROV Towfish Ocean Research Vessel
Seamounts Ecosystem Biophysical Modeling Research 
Arctic Ecosystem Survey ROV Climate
Atmospheric Measurement Ocean Tropical Climate

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