Mission Summary

Global Oceans is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to integrate and mobilize private-sector resources through our MARV™ research vessel model to expand ocean science research capacity on demand, at a global scale.

Global Oceans utilizes MARV capacity to enable greater international scientific collaboration through innovative research initiatives, partnerships, technologies, and funding support that will have a transformative impact on understanding and protecting our ocean planet.

Team Strategy

Global Oceans works with a wide range of technical advisors, scientists, academic institutions, project collaborators, commercial asset and service providers, expert consultants, and nonprofit organizations.

The MARV model for mobilizing and operating research vessels and scientific equipment is an adaptive, non-capital intensive infrastructure approach that relies on a gobal network of highly skilled and experienced partners and institutions, and as such it is a model that can be efficiently executed with a lean organization.

Funding for projects in development and that have been launched by Global Oceans, including projects described on this website, is being sought from major philanthropic partners including foundations, corporations, and individuals, and from government science funding agencies. 

As projects are funded, Program Directors and technical and operational expertise will be brought aboard by Global Oceans to support scientific collaboration and project management.

Ocean Science Research
Deep Sea Ocean Research Exploration
ROV Towfish Ocean Research Vessel
Seamounts Ecosystem Biophysical Modeling Research 
Arctic Ecosystem Survey ROV Climate
Atmospheric Measurement Ocean Tropical Climate


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Board of Directors

Patrick N. Halpin, PhD

Patrick N. Halpin, PhD

Patrick is Gabel Associate Professor of the Practice of Marine Geospatial Ecology; Director, Geospatial Analysis Program, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Science, Duke University, Durham, NC.

Gregory S. Stone, PhD

Gregory S. Stone, PhD

Gregory is an ocean scientist, explorer, and global thought leader with over 10,000 dives throughout the Earth’s ocean down to 18,000 feet in submarines, SCUBA, underwater habitats, and robotics.

George P. Hickey

George P. Hickey

George is Senior Specialist/Chemist, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Cardinal Health, Waukegan, Illinois; Emeritus Course Director, National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI); Instructor Trainer, Divers Alert Network (DAN).

Jim Costopulos

Jim Costopulos

CEO/Founder, Global Oceans, New York, NY USA.