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Project Highlights

Indo-Pacific Collaborative

MARV HUB: Singapore Supports Regional Mobilization

Global Oceans’ MARV HUB: Singapore will serve as our principal Project Management Office (PMO) for projects mobilized in the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific and is available to project scientists and personnel for meetings and project coordination. While the Singapore HUB provides a centralized organizational headquarters for the region, MARVs can also be mobilized from most major ports within the Indian Ocean and throughout Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific Ocean.

The MARV HUB: Singapore facility will support the efforts of the Indo-Pacific Collaborative to host research consortia with capacity for long-term storage and centralized staging of research equipment and other assets for deployment on multiple expeditions. The HUB will also facilitate the potential for hosting long-term MARV science vessel mobilizations in Singapore or elsewhere in the region as multi-user platforms pre-scheduled expeditions (Figure 1). 

Our Singapore HUB team will provide local technical expertise, access to regional supply networks, and familiarity with regional regulations and politics. The facility will better enable Global Oceans to optimize resource management, streamline logistics, and lower mobilization costs on behalf of research and institutional partnerships in the Collaborative.

This physical capacity for efficiently providing MARV science vessels is just one component of a larger process of collaborative engagement with the ocean science community in the region to expand capacity. 

In addition to supporting the Indo-Pacific Collaborative Project, the MARV HUB: Singapore will be a base of operations and asset staging for other Global Oceans projects in the region, such as the Global Seamounts Project, the Asian Monsoon Modeling Project utilizing the future Atmospheric Instrumentation Suite (AIS) facility, and for deployment of Global Oceans’ deep-sea ROVs and towed survey systems.

The MARV HUB: Singapore team of logistics and engineering experts are shown on the Global MARVs project page here.

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