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Deep Sea Vehicles

In mid-2020 Global Oceans consummated a donation from Oceaneering International, Inc. of three deep-sea vehicles rated to 6000 meters of operational depth: the Magellan 725 ROV, the Ocean Discovery ROV, and the Ocean Explorer 6000 Towed Sonar System, together with a full complement of infrastructure to deploy these assets. Global Ocean will redesign these vehicles as dedicated, advanced, deep-sea scientific research platforms. See the press release announcement for the vehicle acquisitions here.

When relaunched, these vehicles will contribute significant capacity for deep-sea biophysical sampling, seabed mapping, exploration, and habitat surveys for several Global Oceans projects, and will be made widely available to the international ocean science community for research and for training the next generation of ocean scientists.

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Project Highlights

Generating Wide Area Benthic Visualization for the Global Seamounts Project with the Ocean Explorer 6000

Global Oceans’ acquisition of the Ocean Explorer 6000 Towed Sonar Vehicle will help enable a proposed methodology for acquiring wide-area high-resolution images of selected seamount topography and adjacent benthic seafloor for the Global Seamounts Project (GSP). 

Deep Sea Vehicles

Project Team & Advisors

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