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Project Highlights

Global MARVs

MARV HUB: Singapore

To support project mobilization in the Indian Ocean and throughout the Indo-Pacific region Global Oceans has established the MARV HUB: Singapore facility, a base of operations at the port in Singapore as a centralized MARV mobilization location and local on-the-ground support (Figure 1).

The Singapore office, conference rooms, and warehouse facility of Inchcape Shipping Services will serve as Global Oceans’ Regional Project Management Office (PMO) for projects mobilized from Singapore and is available to project scientists and personnel for meetings and project coordination (Figures 2 and 3).

Local Project Management

Working with our lead supply partners in the region we have developed a team of logistics and engineering personnel that will provide local expertise for MARV projects including engineering assessments and installation oversight; port logistics for all project mobilization and demobilization; and secure warehousing and load out to the vessel (Figures 4 and 5).

Our local team handles cargo services for project scientists including airfreight consolidation, freight forwarding, inbound customs clearance and secure storage for scientific project assets shipped to the project port in advance of installation on the vessel. To assist with vessel management our team handles all regulatory and documentation requirements, inspections, berthing coordination, crane and forklift operations, dock labor, inbound and outbound clearance, and supplies.

Project management support from the HUB team also includes sourcing for fuel, and local acquisition of project materials, laboratory consumables including gasses, and regional sourcing for spare parts and services. Transactions are consummated in local currencies, under volume contract pricing for port services, and consolidated with detailed accounting to Global Oceans for payment in line with project budgets.

Singapore Team

Our Singapore-based Inchcape Shipping Services team provides logistics and operational support, and our Orange Delta Pte Ltd team provides maritime engineering expertise. These teams will coordinate moblization of MARV projects out of the port in Singapore and will assist in mobilizing MARVs from any of over 75 regional ports throughtout the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific (Figure 1).   

The MARV HUB: Singapore team of logistics and engineering experts are shown on the Global MARVs project page here

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