Project Highlights

Global Seamounts Project

Consortium for Ocean Leadership to Lead GSP Administration

Kristen Yarincik, Vice President and Director, Research & Education

Leigh Zimmermann, Assistant Director/Senior Program Manager

Consortium for Ocean Leadership, Washington, DC, USA

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL) is excited to partner with Global Oceans and serve as an organizational node for the Global Seamounts Project (GSP).

The COL is a membership-based organization in Washington, DC, which represents the leading ocean science and technology institutions from academia, industry, and the larger nonprofit sector (including philanthropy, associations, and aquaria). We work closely with members to advance ocean research, innovation, education, and policy. The COL enhances ocean discovery through community-wide research programs managed on behalf of a variety of funders.

For the Global Seamounts Project, COL will support the Project Administration & Outreach component encompassing several areas including: financial management and distribution of research awards; reporting to program funders and stakeholders on program progress and budgets; management of scholarship and fellowship programs; community convening, including coordination and facilitation of GSP science workshops; and liaising between research components of the project and various Working Groups.

COL has decades of experience in administering scientific programs and bringing the scientific community together toward common goals and looks forward to doing so on behalf of the GSP. Previous examples of COL’s program support include for the international ten-year Census of Marine Life (CoML) Program and the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, two landmark research programs whose discoveries fundamentally reshaped scientific understanding across multiple disciplines.

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